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audio 47:02 The Browns In Africa

The Browns In Africa

Lesa and Andy Brown were instrumental in the early years of DCC before following God’s to become missionaries in Africa. Today Lesa speaks to give an update on some of what they are involved in, but also to consider the question – how do you know when God’s calling you, and what do you do if He is?

Posted by Dulles Church, 07/31/2011 04:35 PM

audio 45:32 God first. Then who?

God first. Then who?

DCC members Tim and Lesa Grimes are guest speakers for a very relevant and timely message about God, marriage, and family.

Posted by Dulles Church, 07/24/2011 04:07 PM

audio 44:48 People of Destiny

People of Destiny

In this message, DCC Senior Pastor Brad Russell considers what holds us back from God’s great plan for our lives, when we are intended to be people of destiny.

Posted by Dulles Church, 07/17/2011 04:24 PM

audio 39:32 DCC 2011 Cinema Series: Soul Surfer - An Interview with Sarah Hill

DCC 2011 Cinema Series: Soul Surfer - An I...

Brad Russell interviews Sarah Hill, youth pastor, from the movie Soul Surfer. Sarah played a pivotal role in helping Bethany Hamilton recover after she was attacked by a shark while surfing off the coast of Kauai. Due to copyright laws, all movie clips have been removed from this podcast.

Posted by Dulles Church, 05/22/2011 05:19 PM

audio 33:22 Easter 2011 - The Journey

Easter 2011 - The Journey

This Easter Message looks at recognizing that Jesus is all around us and always beside us through this journey of life. In Jesus, we are given a brand new life no matter how broken or flawed we are. We have everything to live for with Jesus’ gift.

Posted by Dulles Church, 04/23/2011 10:00 PM

audio 42:32 The Heart of God in Pictures - Part 1

The Heart of God in Pictures - Part 1

Jesus often taught in parables using words to paint pictures to teach about the Kingdom of God. This week as Brad leads up to the 2011 Cinema Series where DCC uses current cinema films to teach about God’s Kingdom, we look at the story of Jonah and the lesson God teaches us through his story.

Posted by Dulles Church, 04/10/2011 09:46 AM

audio 42:20 Can you hear me now? - Part One

Can you hear me now? - Part One

In the first part of the series “Can you hear me now?” Brad talks about how Scripture tells Christ followers to cling to God’s words, steadily spread them to others and then persist until the message bears fruit following Jesus’ parable of the farmer and his seed.

Posted by Dulles Church, 03/27/2011 08:26 PM

audio 36:50 Dream House - Part Six

Dream House - Part Six

Posted by Dulles Church, 03/19/2011 08:19 PM