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Flirting With Disaster

This week Pastor Brad reflects on God’s Word discussing the topic of adultery, how it can start innocently, the damage that is done – and how it is never too late to see God’s redemptive power.

Posted 07/12/2009 03:55 PM

God Is... Light

After an introduction from Pastor Brad, DCC Youth Pastor Justin Ulrich concludes the God Is series by talking about God and faith in the context of light and darkness.

Posted 06/28/2009 06:27 PM

God Is... A Patient Father

Pastor Brad continues with part three of the God Is series with a Father’s Day message describing God as a loving, caring Father.

Posted 06/21/2009 04:51 PM

God Is... Always Creating

So many people see God as the Creator (in the past tense) but don’t see God the Creator even today. Today Pastor Brad talks about how God is always creating.

Posted 06/14/2009 02:43 PM

God Is... Our Maker and Lord

The start of a new 4 week series called “God Is…” that focuses on key attributes of God. This week guest speaker Wayne Cordeiro from New Hope Church in Hawaii talks about God as our Maker and Lord.

Posted 06/07/2009 05:08 PM


DCC Creative Arts Director Jonathan Napier talks about Jesus as the ultimate role model of a servant, and presents the Servolution project to DCC.

Posted 05/31/2009 04:48 PM

Going Orange - A Healthy Dose of Yellow

Pastor Brad closes up this two-part series by talking about DCC’s vision for youth ministry of partnering with parents to help be another positive voice in their lives.

Posted 05/17/2009 10:26 AM

Going Orange - A Whole Lot of Red

In the start to the Orange series, Pastor Brad talks about the influence of parents in raising children who know Jesus.

Posted 05/11/2009 01:28 AM