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The One Thing, The Elders Series - Brad Long

For the first time, the elders of DCC are doing a series together, sharing The One Thing that is most important to them for the people and vision of Dulles Community. This week Brad Long, a member of Dulles since year-one in 1999, begins the series.

Posted 01/27/2010 09:51 PM

First Things First - Make Time To Meet Needs Of Others

DCC Senior Pastor Brad Russell concludes the First Things First series by talking about setting our priorities in such a way that we can hear God prompting us, and also to meet the needs we see around us.

Posted 01/23/2010 06:27 AM

First Things First - Make Time For God

DCC Senior Pastor Brad Russell kicks off this new series by talking about how good things can sometimes get in the way of our experiencing God.

Posted 01/11/2010 12:30 PM