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When God Draws Near - Part 2

Brad continues the series this week looking at how God uses our passions and limitations to become His creators on Earth.

Posted 01/16/2011 08:32 AM

When God Draws Near - People Aligned with a Clear Vision

Brad begins the series identifying God’s vision for His people and how we, as a church, can align our vision with God’s to change culture’s perception of Jesus Christ and the church.

Posted 01/09/2011 05:45 AM

I Resolve

Pete Tapley leads the service discussing New Year’s Resolutions. He suggests a church wide resolution of growing closer to God in 2011 and a plan to achieve this resolution. The podcast joins in as Pete is telling a story about learning the books of the Bible in one of his high school classes.

Posted 01/02/2011 06:09 AM